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English as an Additional Language

With years of experience teaching pupils with English as an additional language and / or high levels of deprivation, our SLEs, LLEs and NLEs have a specialist understanding in this area. We have a proven track record of raising attainment for pupils in this context.

We plan our training course to combine theory sessions with in-class coached observation to ensure that trainees develop a robust theoretical knowledge and some practical strategies across the primary age range and all stages of language acquisition.

We aim to support teachers to implement a high quality language-rich curriculum in their own school and to raise aspirations for all learners, no matter where they are in their stage of language development.

Trainers were “knowledgeable and inspiring”


International New Arrivals

Our EAL course provides coached observation of pupils in our ‘Intensive Language Development class groups’ many of whom are new to English, and / or new to the country.  At Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy we serve a community of over 30 nationalities, including many pupils newly arrived from Eastern Europe.  Trainees see first-hand the techniques used to support pupils using language structures and oral rehearsal prior to writing.  Our mantra is “if they can’t say it, they can’t write it” and it is the vigorous preparation for writing which our course teaches.

Through delivering outstanding CPD we aim to ensure that international new arrivals are well supported in Sheffield and beyond and that they receive planned, appropriate and intensive language development in their early years in this country.

“Really helpful to see teaching in action as well as how engaged children were”


Advanced Bilingual Learners

Our EAL course provides coached observation of advanced bilingual learners in Literacy lessons.  Trainees see first-hand the techniques used to support pupils’ understanding of language as they read and learn how reading for understanding is key for bilingual learners as well as identifying key information within a text.

Through delivering outstanding CPD we aim to ensure that advanced bilingual learners across Sheffield and beyond, learn within a language-rich curriculum which supports their ongoing language development and challenges them to learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures daily.

“expert knowledge given, straight to the point & well communicated“



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