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Specialist Leaders of Education

Five Rivers Teaching School Alliance deploys a range of Specialist Leaders of Education to offer school to school support across Sheffield and beyond.  Through bespoke in house training and coaching they support school leaders to promote rapid and sustainable school improvement. Our SLEs are deployed according to need with each SLE deployment being unique in timescale and commitment.

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Through effective deployment of experienced Specialist Leaders of Education we ensure that experienced educators use their knowledge of current research and their hands-on experience of working within schools to promote sustainable school-led system of self-improvement.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss brokerage of school to school support.

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If you have a successful record of supporting colleagues in a particular area of education and have been in a leadership role (other than head teacher) for at least 2 years you can apply to become an SLE with Five Rivers TSA.  Your head teacher will be asked to confirm that you’re in an appropriate role.  You don’t need to be in an outstanding school but your school will need to have the capacity to release you to work in other schools.

Esther Bloomer

Specialist Leader of Education

Esther Bloomer is an outstanding SENCO at Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy.  A SENCO for more than 20 years in a range of different primary schools, Esther has taught children from FS2 to Y6 during her teaching career, including our Intensive Language Acquisition classes.  She has supported schools across Sheffield and Derbyshire to develop their SEND practice and improve pupil performance.

Louisa Duck

Specialist Leader of Education

Louisa Duck is a Key Stage 2 teacher who was nominated for SSELP’s ‘Outstanding Teacher of the Year’ Award 2017.  She leads school-wide CPD for curriculum development, monitoring and improving the quality of the curriculum across school.  She specialises in inclusive practices including SEND, EAL and International New Arrivals.

Emma Farmer

Specialist Leader of Education

Emma Farmer is the Director of Business Strategy at Five Rivers Multi-Academy Trust with 16 years of experience in Human Resource Management, Improvement and Change Management and Commissioning / Procurement.  She is passionate about raising the profile of School Business Managers as school leaders and offers support to schools with strategic business planning and monitoring.  She specialises in leading transformational change in vulnerable schools, with a focus on business and support services and system wide accountability

Jenna Jina

Specialist Leader of Education

Jenna Jina is an outstanding experienced teacher, assistant head and SLE. She specialises in literacy, designing the curriculum and assessment. She is also a qualified year six moderator and very experienced in the tailoring of provision for disadvantaged groups including white British and international new arrivals.

Laura Kay

Specialist Leader of Education

Laura Kay is an outstanding Year 6 teacher and Assistant Headteacher at Acres Hill Community Primary School in Sheffield. Laura leads English, KS2 and teaching and learning in school and is an external moderator at Key Stage 2 across two local authorities as well as a lead moderator within SSELP. Laura is passionate about raising standards in English and regularly leads school-wide CPD. Having completed the NPQML, NPQSL and Ambition School Leadership’s ‘Teaching Leaders’ programme, Laura now supports colleagues through coaching and mentoring.

Tania MacPherson

Specialist Leader of Education

Tania MacPherson is an outstanding Year 6 teacher and Deputy Head teacher at Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy in Sheffield.  An outstanding Leader; she is currently supporting delivery of the NPQML programme with Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University.   Tania has taught in all year groups from FS2 to Year 6 and is an accredited EAL champion.

Claire Peats

Specialist Leader of Education

Claire Peats is Assistant Headteacher, SENCO and year 6 teacher at Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy in Sheffield.  She is passionate about raising the attainment of pupils in reading and writing through embedding teaching of grammar and in developing positive reading cultures in schools to encourage pupils to read regularly for pleasure.  She has visited schools in Pakistan and Dubai and recently developed Nurture provision for pupils with more complex needs to learn through a personalised curriculum.

Emma Ratcliffe

Specialist Leader of Education

Emma Ratcliffe is an outstanding year 6 teacher and Science Coordinator at Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy in Sheffield.  She was winner of the Sheffield Star’s Teacher of the Year Award 2014.  Emma has a Degree and PhD in science and spent 10 years at university carrying out research.   She specialises in teaching, learning and assessment in year 6 as well as Science.

Sarah Whiting

Specialist Leader of Education

Sarah Whiting is an outstanding Key Stage 2 teacher at Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy in Sheffield.  She is a motivating leader and coach who supports and enables participants and colleagues to effectively reflect on their own practice.  A Maths specialist, Sarah has developed the Maths Mastery Programme and regularly leads training on this whole school approach.

Barbora Zalesnakova

Specialist Leader of Education

Barbora Zalesnakova is an outstanding Key Stage 1 teacher at Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy in Sheffield.  She specialises in the teaching of pupils with English as an Additional Language and has developed a bespoke curriculum to suit the needs of New Arrivals as well as children with specific learning needs.   She has expert knowledge of working with Communicate in Print programme and its use in making EAL and SEN resources.